Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leaving Cert Results 2016

So on the 17th of August 2016, I finally got my hands on the piece of paper that would determine my life basically.

In out school, each girl had to go in to the principal's office where she had already seen your results and calculated your points on your behalf. Although I had put International Business in UL down as my 1st choice on the CAO,I had known all summer that it would be unlikely for me to actually get it because I dropped down to ordinary level maths 2 weeks before the Leaving. Oh well. So I had been planning all summer for my 2nd choice which was Business Studies in UL. This wasn't any kind of disappointment because I had never been that sure of what I want to do in life and just thought oh I like french. I like economics and business-y subjects. I'll like this course.

So I get my points and lo and behold I have my business studies in UL secured. I was really happy with my results but to be honest it does feel a bit like an anticlimax because I will be deferring until September 2017.

On July 21st I got double jaw surgery (and 3 wisdom teeth taken out) in University Hospital Limerick to fix my overbite. Shout out to Mr Gilbride, my surgeon who I hope will never see this. Although its coming up to 6 weeks since the surgery now, I'm still not eating solids and existing solely on smoothies.I'm skinny in general but have lost almost a stone going down to 6 stone (which at my height, 5 foot 7, is definitely not healthy)
In addition to that I have 6 months of orthodontic treatment left and would have to be travelling up and down from UL to my orthodontist. I can't drive so it would have been an ordeal. 

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